On Duty USA Hand Sanitizer

World Health Organization Formulation

80% Alcohol

Made in Kentucky for America

On Duty USA hand sanitizer formulation is made in strict adherence to World Health Organization guidelines  and shipped directly from our labs at the University Kentucky. 

We have turned our production over to hand sanitizer during this pandemic.  We are pumping out the 4oz bottles as quickly as we can.  Orders should ship within 2 - 3 business days

This is a 2 pack of 4oz bottles.

Due to high demand please expect slightly longer delivery times. 

The image is for display purposes only   In order to supply hand sanitizer as quickly as possible, we are bottling in various shaped 4oz containers.  Dispenser caps will also vary from dropper, twist, pop up etc.  Rest assured the sanitizer remains the FDA approved, WHO formulation – made with American ingredients at our University of Kentucky labs.  We apologize for any inconvenience during this crisis.


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